How to Buy Pampers, Household Products and Other
Non Food Items with EBT Food Stamps! 100% Legal
According to the USDA, more than 45 million Americans used Food Stamps in May 2011. Consumers no longer have
to shop for food at local grocery stores that are high priced and unfriendly. Brand name drug stores such as CVS, Rite
Aid and Walgreens to name a few has come up with a system to capture new customers and its working. These stores
are not your average drug store. They want you to buy food, cosmetics, toys, household item plus more,
AND they will
pay you to do it!

How you ask? They will pay you in the form of store cash and/or gift cards to buy anything you need or want
in their store (Or any of their chain stores), including food products you can purchase with your EBT Food
Stamp/SNAP card. You can use your Rewards, Extrabucks or Giftcards to buy anything in the store (With
some minor restrictions).

Yes, "Food Stamps" can be redeemed for NON FOOD Items!

Whoever came up with this idea knows consumers love to be rewarded to shop and it is true. As a customers you can
shop anywhere!

FYI: Did you know there is no such thing as "Real Food Stamps". When you swipe your EBT cards (Food Stamps to
the card holder, you) money is being
debited out a bank account that has real money (To the stores). This is one of the
reasons why drug stores (And other stores) accept EBT/SNAP cards.

How can you buy Non Food Items with Food Stamps;

1- Shop at EBT Friendly Stores that have incentives for their customers such as CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Target and
any supermarkets that have these types of program(s).
"Catalina's" is another name for Free money at Supermarkets.
This "Coupon like receipt" will print out after your receipt once you buy eligible products.

2- The key ingredient is to look in their weekly sales papers and store tags to see food deals that have Extra Care
Bucks (CVS), Up Rewards (Rite Aid), or Gift Card Promotions (Target) attached to their sales. CVS sometimes has
gift cards or gas card promotions as well.

3- Before purchasing, find out and read stores rewards policy to find out what you cannot buy with your store money.
Read the store policy as well.
The policies and restrictions are nothing major, but you need to know them just in
case a cashier does not know the store policies and you will be able to have your facts straight.

4- Buy the food/beverage products. Once you reach the required amount, your store money/credit will print at the end of
your receipt! This credit is good right away/same day or next day depending on the store. The credit is good until the
expiration date print on the slip.

Tip: Put this towards your non-food items such as pampers, wipes, toys, soaps, home goods, electronics and
much, much more for cheap or free!

Change the way you shop. To get a great deal, shop for sales, not non sale items. For example, if you need juice and you
normally buy a certain brand of juice, but one of the stores has a gift card, Up Reward, Extra Care Buck or another type
of store money/credit attached to a juice you have not tried before; read the contents in the back of the juice carton or
bottle. If it meets your standards, go with that juice to snag a sale and free money!
Hey this gives you an opportunity
to try something new.
You and your family may like it better than your regular juice!

Disclaimer: No, this is not EBT/SNAP fraud, it's 100% legal. This gives you a way to try new products and shop
stores with the
best sale. If you not like the product, "Do Not Buy the product". Buying a product you do not
like or a product you do not want to try out, but just want the gift card, points or other incentives attached to it
would be FRAUD.   

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